Salesforce Teams Up With Polygon To Offer Token-Based Loyalty Programs

• Polygon Labs has partnered with Salesforce to offer customers token-based loyalty programs.
• Salesforce Web3, a NFT management platform, will be used to support the creation of these programs.
• Customers can use the platform to access customer data in real-time, check Blockchain activities and mint and trade NFTs.

Polygon Labs Partners with Salesforce

Polygon Labs recently announced a partnership with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform Salesfores that will enable customers to create token-based loyalty programs using the Salesforce Web3 platform. This move is part of Polygon’s strategy to expand its network reach and usability across different platforms in the fintech world.

Features of Salesforce Web 3

The Salesforce Web3 platform offers customers various features such as accessing customer data in real-time, checking Blockchain activities as well as minting and trading NFTs. Adam Caplan, General Manager of Web3 at Salesforce spoke about how crypto wallets can help leading brands engage directly with customers due to changing market policies and rules.

Salesforce’s Impact on NFT Industry

American cloud-based software company Saleforce provides services for marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams across different businesses worldwide. It launched its NFT cloud pilot back in June 2022 in order to facilitate communities passionate about their brand. The recent partnership with Polygon further extends this capability for its clients.

Benefits of Token Based Loyalty Programs

Token based loyalty programs have many benefits for both customers and businesses alike including increased engagement and improved customer retention rates which result in higher profits for businesses over time . These programs are also more secure than traditional loyalty points systems due to their ties with blockchain technology which makes them harder to counterfeit or steal from customers.


The new partnership between Polygon Labs and Saleforce marks an important step towards improving customer experiences by introducing a range of innovative solutions tied into blockchain technology such as token based loyalty programs enabled by the Salesforce Web 3 platform . This move is part of Polygon’s strategy to expand its network reach while providing more ways for companies around the world to better engage with their customers using innovative technologies like blockchain .