RFK Jr Surges Ahead of Biden in Favorability Poll: A New Era of Crypto Leadership?

• Robert F. Kennedy Jr (RFK) has gained a 49 percent approval rating in a recent Democrat-backed favorability poll, surpassing current president Joe Biden’s 44 percent.
• RFK Jr is a Bitcoin advocate and is expected to lead the crypto ecosystem to better government regulations.
• The crypto community backs RFK for promises of free and fair crypto environment, and opposition to electricity tax on mining cryptocurrencies.

RFK Beats Biden in Favorability Poll

Robert F. Kennedy Jr (RFK) has surged ahead of current President Joe Biden with a 49 percent approval rating in a recent Democrat-backed favorability poll. This indicates that the party might choose him as its representative for the upcoming election.

Crypto Community Backs RFK

The crypto community strongly supports RFK due to his support and promises to the ecosystem. He is one of the first presidential candidates to declare that Bitcoin is a symbol of democracy, due to its decentralized nature and empowerment of its holders. He has also promised at an event that he would provide a free and fair crypto environment in the US, as well as opposing plans from the current administration to impose 30 percent tax on electricity used to mine cryptocurrencies.

RFK’s Family History

RFK Jr is the fourth member of his family to run for office in the US; his uncle John F. Kennedy was 35th president from 1961-1963 before being assassinated. His decision to run office has been backed by many for his ideologies and environmental activism.

Bitcoin Symbolizes Democracy

The decentralization provided by Bitcoin allows it’s holders true freedom and control over their assets, making it an ideal symbol for democracy which can be seen through RFK’s campaign promises regarding cryptocurrency regulations within the United States.


It remains unclear whether or not RFK will become president but what is certain is that he continues gaining traction amongst democrats as well as strong backing from the cryptocurrency community due his progressive views on regulation within this space