Dash Hard Fork Fiasco: Disruption Halts Blockchain, Reschedules New Date for June 14th

• Dash blockchain experienced a major downtime during the activation of the Dash Core v19 hard fork.
• The release of Dash Core v19 was delayed to June 14, and Binance suspended distribution of Mining Rewards.
• The Hard Fork includes improvements to security, masternode functionality, increased collateral requirements and enhanced privacy features.

Dash Blockchain Experiences Major Downtime with Activation of Hard Fork

The Dash blockchain experienced a major downtime during the activation of the Dash Core v19 hard fork, halting transactions and block production. On Monday, May 22, the Dash blockchain stopped processing transactions and producing new blocks due to an issue during v19 activation. Chief technical officer Samuel Westrich announced that developers were investigating the issue further for a resolution.

Binance Suspends Distribution of Mining Rewards

In response to the major downtime, crypto exchange Binance suspended distribution of Dash mining rewards until further notice.

Dash Core v19 Delayed Until June 14th

Due to the issues encountered by developers in its resolution process, the release of Dash Core V19 was delayed to June 14th. This update includes improvements to security and masternode functionality along with other wallet enhancements in preparation for more updates on its mainnet.

Increased Collateral Requirements and Enhanced Privacy Features

The updated version will also feature increased collateral requirements as well as enhanced privacy features such as ChainLocked and InstantSend locked security measures which are unique to the Dash ecosystem.

Developers Investigating Possible Solutions

Developers have identified several options being investigated for fixing this issue including resolving these issues through releasing a version that properly fixes them or delaying activation until more time is provided for resolution process.