Crypto Kings: BlackRock, Vanguard, and Goldman Sachs Dominate Coinbase Stock Ownership

• Coinbase Global (COIN) is the second-largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume.
• Institutional investors hold the largest share of Coinbase stock, amounting to 47.89%.
• Retail and insider investors also own a significant portion of Coinbase’s shares.

Coinbase Global: Major Crypto Exchange

Coinbase Global (COIN), the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, has emerged as a significant platform for stock investors seeking exposure to the cryptocurrency markets without the need for direct coin or token purchases. Since its listing on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in April 2021, however, its share price has experienced a 78% decline due to bearish market sentiment.

Ownership Structure

Understanding the ownership structure of Coinbase shares is crucial since major shareholders possess the ability to influence share prices through substantial buying or selling activities. According to data from Wall Street Zen, as of October 7th, institutional investors held 47.89% of Coinbase’s total shares (107.83 million). Retail investors owned 34.11%, with 76.8 million shares while insiders such as founders and key executives held 18%, or 40.5 million shares respectively. Amongst these top five shareholders, two are insiders who have played instrumental roles in Coinbase’s journey – Marc Andreessen holds 6.32%, making him the largest stakeholder in terms of ownership percentage.

Institutional Investors Show Confidence

The large presence of institutional investors indicates their confidence in Coinbase’s potential success and growth prospects – their substantial buying activities can drive up share prices and thus impact investments and trades positively for retail and insider shareholders alike.

Retail Interest Growing

Retail interest is also growing amongst general public members who seek exposure to cryptocurrencies without direct coin purchases – this is evident from their possession of 34% of total outstanding shares at 76 million units each according to Wall Street Zen’s data as at October 7th 2021 .

Insider Commitment & Belief

Insiders including founders and key executives hold an impressive 18% stake in Cotnbase’s stocks which showcases their commitment and belief in its success – this further implies that they expect great returns from their investment over time given that they possess significant voting rights which can influence company operations directly if needed .