Coinbase CEO Challenges Elon Musk to Halt ChatGPT Development

• Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has challenged Elon Musk’s stance on halting ChatGPT development, citing the benefits of the application.
• The OpenAI product has been criticized for its inaccuracies regarding important queries such as political and social calls.
• Armstrong believes that allowing progress in technology outweighs any dangers associated with it, and warned against anyone trying to capture control in some central authority.

Coinbase CEO Challenges Twitter CEO Elon Musk

Coinbase co-founder and CEO Brain Armstrong has challenged the position of Tesla and Twitter CEO, Elon Musk over the halt of ChatGPT development. Both tech leaders are at odds regarding the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications like ChatGPT which is currently being used by Coinbase to review securities tokens.

Musk’s Call For AI Moratorium

Elon Musk joined more than 1,600 other tech leaders to sign an Open Letter calling for a 6-month moratorium on the development of advanced AI solutions. However, Brian Armstrong opposed this call by highlighting how he believes such a move will stifle innovation. “Count me among the people who think this is a bad idea,“ he said in a recent tweet.“There are no ‚experts‘ to adjudicate this issue, and many disparate actors will never agree. Committees and bureaucracy won’t solve anything.“

Armstrong’s Support for AI

Brian Armstrong is an advocate for new technologies, especially considering the resistance that crypto ecosystems still experience despite its emergence more than a decade ago. He also actively uses ChatGPT which was developed by OpenAI; believing that its positive aspects greatly outweigh any negative implications associated with it. „As with many technologies, there are dangers,“ he said, „but we should keep marching forward with progress because the good outweighs the bad. The marketplace of ideas leads to better outcomes than central planning.“

Intensifying Scrutiny Of ChatGPT And AI

The emergence of OpenAI’s ChatGPT stunned everyone as it gained more than 100 million users within just a few months after its release. This led to increased scrutiny over both AI applications and their potential implications; prompting UNESCO to criticize them publicly concerning their accuracy when dealing with sensitive topics such as politics or social issues.


In conclusion, Brian Armstrong disagrees with Elon Musk’s opinion on halting ChatGPT development due to his belief that progress should not be halted out of fear or stopped by someone trying to take control from authority figures without proper evidence nor expertise in this field . He also believes that although there may be some dangers associated with AI applications they should not prevent us from taking advantage of what they can offer us if used correctly