160 per cent price growth: Hedera Hashgraph rivals Ethereum

Hedera Hashgraph has had a massive price rally, growing by almost 160 percent in the last seven days – could the project become a competitor to Ethereum?

Hedere Hashgraph was founded by Mance Harmon and Leemon Baird in 2016. Similar to IOTA (MIOTA), HBAR does not use a Bitcoin Revolution blockchain, but an alternative distributed ledger technology (DLT). This is based on the so-called asynchronous Byzantine error-tolerant consensus algorithm and enables transactions to be carried out cheaply and without a miner. In this way, Hedera Hashgraph wants to simplify global payment transactions, among other things. It should also be possible to programme smart contract applications.

Since the beginning of 2021, the price of the cryptocurrency HBAR has grown by over 1,000 per cent. At the time of going to press, the Hedera Hashgraph price is 0.4075 US dollars.
Ethereum project moves to Hedera Hashgraph

Recently, SUKU, a supply chain project based on blockchain technology, announced its switch from Ethereum to Hedera Hashgraph. SUKU is the first company to use the Hedera Token Service (HTS) and the Hedera Conensus Service (HCS).

One of the first applications to be fully transferred to Hedera Hashgraph is SUKU’s new sneaker tracking app INFINITE. The app uses Hedera’s DLT to verify the authenticity of sneakers.

The reason for the migration of SUKU is the high gas fees of the Ethereum Blockchain. Users of SUKU on Hedera should accordingly benefit from extremely low transaction fees and a better user experience. SUKU’s switch is another sign that more and more projects are looking for alternatives to Ethereum.

Nevertheless, the Hedera ecosystem is still tiny compared to Ethereum – but that could change. It will be interesting if well-known companies like Google or IBM also build smart contract applications on Hedera Hashgraph.

Africa’s largest bank joins Hedera Governing Council

Hedera Hashgraph has already partnered with well-known companies such as Google, IBM and LG and is now looking to expand in Africa. As such, the company has partnered with Africa’s largest bank by assets, Standard Bank Group.

According to a press release, they want to jointly tackle the problems of developing cross-border trade in Africa. Standard Bank Group also plans to set up the African continent’s first Hedera Hashgraph Node.

The major bank has used blockchain technology in the past to trade foreign exchange. However, it has found that blockchain technology has certain issues that can prevent a seamless and transparent payment experience, and so it wants to look at alternatives.

Ian Putter, Head of DLT and Blockchain at Standard Bank Group, believes that DLT will play a crucial role in the future of the banking world:

‚With the increasing interest in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), asset tokenisation and the use of stablecoins, it is becoming increasingly clear that the digitisation of assets will impact all facets of our business. This is why we need to form strategic partnerships.

For this reason, Standard Bank Group is joining the Hedera Hashgraph Governing Council. This already includes well-known companies and organisations such as Avery Dennison, Boeing, Dentons, Deutsche Telekom, DLA Piper, eftpos, FIS (WorldPay), Google, IBM, LG Electronics, Magalu, Nomura, Swirlds, Tata Communications, University College London (UCL), Wipro and the Zain Group.

Investors bullish on Ethereum – what does the hyped start of the CME futures bring?

Today the time has finally come – the CME Group will introduce a futures market for Ethereum.

The CME Group is one of the world’s leading financial exchanges and hosts much of the trading in top commodities, including Bitcoin. CME Group made headlines in the crypto space in 2017 when it introduced futures for BTC.

Since this introduction happened to mark the peak of the 2017 bull market, some have speculated that this time around it will have the same effect. A number of traders have postulated that this start can cause a short term spike.

However, a large majority of analysts appear to be bullish on Ethereum ( new all-time high for Ethereum! ) As this regulated investment vehicle is about to be launched . This market should allow institutional players to get better exposure to Bitcoin Evolution.

Analysts on the launch of Ethereum CME futures

Analysts appear to be largely bullish or at least neutral on the upcoming launch of the CME Ethereum futures contracts.

Ryan Watkins, Researcher / Analyst at Messari, comments that the „fear“ of how the impending rollout might affect the crypto market is „ridiculous“.

Watkins stresses that after this launch, the fear of a correction stem from just „one data point“. That said, just because the previous CME crypto futures launch coincided with a previous top doesn’t mean it will happen a second time.

Additionally, Watkins believes there are clear differences in market conditions as of December 2017 and market conditions now.

He didn’t name these changes in his thread, but just to highlight two:

Futures are not extremely overvalued as they have been in previous bull trends or previous sections of the current uptrend.

Second, there is a clear institutional imperative, as illustrated by public announcements from Wall Street funds, on-chain data, and interviews published by top media outlets.

Economist Alex Kruger discussed more specifically how this launch can power the Ethereum markets.

“This is a big point. CME futures will allow parties currently struggling to gain access to the $ ETH markets to hedge Grayscale’s $ ETHE risk, resulting in increased institutional demand for $ ETHE, which in turn increases spot demand increased and the $ ETHE premium compressed. „

Existing investors who have access to ETHE and Grayscale’s products may not want to buy the product, even at net asset value.

The introduction of futures, which should be traded at / very close to the spot price and have lower fees than fund products, could be a better way for certain players to buy Ethereum.

Die erste Bitcoin-Transaktion wurde vor 12 Jahren an Hal Finney gesendet

Hal Finney war der allererste Empfänger von Bitcoin – ein historisches Ereignis, das bewies, dass das Netzwerk in der Realität funktioniert.

Heute ist der zwölfte Jahrestag der allerersten Bitcoin-Transaktion, die von einer Person zu einer anderen geschickt wurde. Der Empfänger war der Informatiker Hal Finney, der die 10 Bitcoin von Satoshi Nakamoto, dem mysteriösen, pseudonymen Schöpfer des Netzwerks, erhielt.

Die Transaktion an diesem historischen Datum bewies, dass Bitcoin – als Geldnetzwerk – tatsächlich in der Realität funktioniert und legte den Grundstein für sein zukünftiges Wachstum. Sie kam eine Woche nachdem Nakamoto begann, das Bitcoin-Netzwerk auf seinem Computersystem zu betreiben.

Abgesehen davon, dass er die erste Bitcoin-Transaktion erhielt, war Finney, der für seine Arbeit an fortschrittlichen Kryptosystemen bekannt war, bevor er 2014 einer seltenen Krankheit erlag, auch die zweite Person, die Bitcoin betrieb. Einige vermuten sogar, dass er Nakamoto war – eine Theorie, die auch heute noch die Runde macht.

Hal Finney erhielt die erste Bitcoin-Transaktion

Hal Finney war ein Pionier in der Geschichte von Bitcoin

„Ich habe Block 70-irgendwas gemined, und ich war der Empfänger der ersten Bitcoin-Transaktion, als Satoshi mir zehn Münzen als Test schickte“, schrieb Finney 2009 in einem Bitcointalk-Forumspost. Der Betrag war damals so gut wie nichts wert, aber bei den heutigen Marktpreisen ist er über 353.000 Dollar wert.

Twitter darf Bitcoin-Pionier Hal Finneys Account ein Denkmal setzen

Finney war auch eine der ersten Personen, die eine Preisprognose für Bitcoin abgegeben haben. Er schätzte in einer Mail (die zunächst verloren ging, aber später wiedergefunden wurde) an Nakamoto im Jahr 2009 das gesamte weltweite Haushaltsvermögen – er schätzte es auf 100 bis 300 Billionen Dollar – auf die 21 Millionen Bitcoin hoch: Das gab jeder Münze einen Wert von 10 Millionen Dollar.

Bitcoin laufen lassen

– halfin (@halfin) January 11, 2009

Und als ob diese Premieren noch nicht genug wären, hat Finney auch die Ehre, den allerersten Tweet zu machen, der sich auf Bitcoin bezieht. Er sagte nur: „running bitcoin“, und zwölf Jahre später ist das Netzwerk immer noch stark.

Bitcoins volatility rises as whales sell at each new high

The data suggests that Bitcoin’s price declines at each new record high are the result of „mega whales“ selling.

According to analysts at Material Indicators, a firm that analyzes cryptocurrencies, heavy selling occurred when Bitcoin reached $40,000 on Jan. 7.
This led to a rapid 10% drop to the $36,000 range over the next few hours.

Bitcoin volatility increases as whales sell at each new high and Bitcoin Evolution has regained the $40,000 level as support, but with momentum toward a new all-time high, the possibility of another sharp reckoning is approaching.

The drop was quickly bought and drove the price to over $41,000 in the next 12 hours. However, BTC experienced another big drop after setting another historical record at $42,000, and at the time of writing, the highest-valued digital asset is trading at $40,800. According to material indicators:

„So it looks like the mega whales started selling after this dump around 2:00am UTC and continued selling at the tops. My guess is that they were expecting more downside. They didn’t really participate in the rally at 42k, which would help even more at this point.“

In the recent drop from $42k to $40k, Material Indicators analysts explained that the smaller whales holding $100k to $1 million have started to turn a profit. They observed:

„But now they have started buying again. Probably to break the 42k resistance. Only this time it seems that the normal whales (class 100,000 to 1 million) started to profit. ”

Bitcoin Heatmap.

Considering that the bitcoin price traded higher at times on Coinbase last week, it is clear that there is a lot of demand for purchases from the US.

This suggests that there is a battle going on in the US market between normal whales making a profit and new buyers. The strong rejection of any new historical record also signals that whales may profit aggressively once Bitcoin hits a new record.

Therefore, it is important that demand for Bitcoin from the U.S. is sustained in the short term. Otherwise, the high selling pressure from the whales could cause BTC to experience a correction in the near future.
Where could Bitcoin go from here?

Bitcoin currently has extremely strong technical upside, which continues to drive the price higher. Because of this, traders are reluctant to sell short, but some have started to take profits.

In the short term, one concern for bitcoin is the potential recovery of the U.S. dollar. A trader with the alias „Cantering Clark“ has recognized the recovery of the U.S. dollar and the decline of precious metals. He said:

„So the question is, after $DXY finds a surprise bottom and metals get blasted, will $BTC hold up well?“

The US Dollar Index (DXY) is moving at a support level on the monthly chart. Alternative stores of value like bitcoin and gold are priced against the dollar. So if the USD starts to move higher, the risk of a correction in BTC could intensify.

BitcoinAdvertising.com er til salgs på Coinnounce, kjøp nå

Hvis du planlegger å starte en bitcoin-relatert oppstart, er BitcoinAdvertising.com et perfekt domenenavn for deg. Domenet er nå tilgjengelig for salg på Coinnounce. Et passende domenenavn kan hjelpe deg med å skille deg ut blant konkurrentene og hjelpe deg med å nå et bredere publikum. Domenenavnet BitcoinAdvertising.com vil garantert gjøre det for din kryptovaluta-relaterte virksomhet. Du kan gi et tilbud om å kjøpe domenenavnet akkurat nå.

Et allsidig domenenavn

BitcoinAdvertising.com er et allsidig domenenavn for din kryptovaluta-relaterte oppstart . Domenenavnet kan brukes til mange kryptorelaterte tjenester som en annonseringsplattform, et markedsføringsfirma, en betaling per klikk-tjeneste, en bitcoin-app, en krypto-app og mange andre lignende tjenester. Immediate Edge er et beskrivende domenenavn som garantert vil tiltrekke et bredere utvalg av besøkende til plattformen din fra forskjellige geografiske områder. Domenenavnet er nå tilgjengelig for deg å kjøpe for din kryptovaluta-relaterte plattform. Et allsidig domenenavn anses å være viktig siden det kan brukes til forskjellige typer virksomheter.

Utvid rekkevidden din ved hjelp av et passende domenenavn

Et passende domenenavn for din bedrift kan utvide selskapets rekkevidde med mange ganger på kort tid. Et domenenavn som Bitcoinadvertising.com kan hjelpe deg med å utvide kryptoselskapets rekkevidde til et bredere utvalg av besøkende. Domenenavnet er også et merkevare for din kryptovaluta-relaterte virksomhet. Den kryptovaluta næringen har kommet en lang vei siden Bitcoin er starten nesten et tiår siden, og det fortsetter å vokse på en imponerende hastighet. Hvis du går inn i kryptobransjen akkurat nå og leter etter et domenenavn for nettstedet ditt, er BitcoinAdveritising.com et perfekt domenenavn.

Hvorfor domenenavn er viktig for oppstarten din:

Å velge et domenenavn for virksomheten din kan være en vanskelig prosess, og å komme opp med et originalt navn som ikke allerede er tatt, er enda mer en umulig oppgave. Å velge et perfekt domenenavn er imidlertid fortsatt en veldig viktig oppgave. I stedet for å bla gjennom hundrevis av domenenavn, kan du velge et domenenavn som Bitcoinadvertising.com akkurat nå for å bidra til å øke virksomheten din og ta den til nye høyder. Et domenenavn kan spille en veldig viktig rolle i suksessen til din bedrift. Et domenenavn kan til slutt avgjøre skjebnen til din virksomhet, og du kan ikke gå galt med et domenenavn som BitcoinAdvertising.com.

Battle of stores of value – Bitcoin hits new record high in gold

Bitcoin is climbing to a new record price measured in gold.

Bitcoin ( BTC ) reached another record high yesterday, Friday, but this time in the currency pair with gold.

Additional evidence that the demand for the market-leading cryptocurrency is rising into new spheres

While the Bitcoin Lifestyle price climbed above the 29,000 US dollar mark on Friday, the crypto currency also reached a price level of 15.62 ounces of gold, which exceeded the previous high from December 2017, according to data from U.Today demonstrate.

The year 2020 turns out to be more and more a milestone for Bitcoin, because the increased interest of institutional investors has given the crypto currency the strongest soaring in its 11-year history. Bitcoin was able to achieve a gain of almost 300% in 2020.

Gold also had a strong year with significant gains, which pale in comparison to the crypto currency, because the precious metal managed „only“ an increase of 25%

Many crypto experts are convinced that Bitcoin will take over more and more market shares from gold in the future, because in the duel for the place as the leading store of value, the crypto currency offers decisive advantages such as efficiency, easier transferability and scarcity. Even the analysts at the large investment bank JPMorgan Chase now support this thesis .

Some experts suspect that the Bitcoin price will continue to climb in 2021 due to a continuing shortage. As Cointelegraph reported yesterday , the influential wealth management company bought three times as much Bitcoin as it mined in December.

Le balene Bitcoin stanno acquistando in modo più aggressivo da Natale, secondo i dati

Gli investitori con un patrimonio netto elevato, o balene, hanno acquistato Bitcoin in modo più aggressivo da Natale, mostrano i dati sulla catena.

Le balene di Bitcoin ( BTC ) hanno acquistato di più da Natale, mostrano i dati sulla catena. Ciò indica che gli investitori con un patrimonio netto elevato continuano a consumare l’offerta di BTC.

È quasi impossibile separare gli investitori istituzionali dai singoli investitori attraverso i dati on-chain. Tuttavia, la tendenza mostra che gli investitori con grandi capitali stanno entrando sempre più nel mercato Bitcoin nonostante il suo rally.

Perché le balene continuano a comprare più Bitcoin?

Secondo gli analisti di Santiment, è probabile che circa 647 milioni di dollari di Bitcoin siano stati trasferiti da piccoli indirizzi a grandi indirizzi.

Gli indirizzi con più di 1.000 BTC o più sono considerati balene da molti analisti, poiché 1.000 BTC equivalgono a oltre $ 27 milioni al prezzo attuale di $ 27.100. Gli analisti hanno scritto :

„Nelle ultime 48 ore da Natale, gli indirizzi #Bitcoin con 1.000 o più $ BTC ora possiedono lo 0,13% in più dell’offerta rispetto agli indirizzi più piccoli in precedenza. Si tratta di circa 24.158 token, che si traducono in $ 647,7 milioni al momento della stesura di questo documento. “
Bitcoin è aumentato di quasi tre volte dalla metà del 2020 e il rialzo per BTC è probabilmente limitato nel prossimo futuro.

Tuttavia, la maggior parte dei dati sulla catena mostra che un minor numero di balene vendono attraverso le principali borse. Ki Young Ju, CEO di CryptoQuant, ha dichiarato :

“Le balene BTC sembrano esaurite da vendere. Meno balene si depositano negli scambi. Penso che questa corsa al rialzo continuerà poiché gli investitori istituzionali continueranno ad acquistare e l’Exchange Whale Ratio si manterrà al di sotto dell’85% „.

Ci sono due ragioni principali per cui le balene potrebbero accumulare Bitcoin nella fascia di prezzo attuale

Primo, nonostante il rally eccessivo di Bitcoin, le balene potrebbero credere che la barriera psicologica a $ 30.000 si spezzerà. In tal caso, i dati sulle opzioni suggeriscono che $ 36.000 potrebbero essere un probabile obiettivo a breve termine.

In secondo luogo, non vi è alcun motivo valido per prevedere l’arrivo di una correzione importante, a parte il divario CME e l’alto tasso di finanziamento del mercato dei futures.

Ma se Bitcoin si consolida dopo ogni rally, come visto negli ultimi due giorni, il tasso di finanziamento si normalizzerebbe probabilmente. Quando ciò accadrà, il mercato dei derivati ​​sarebbe meno surriscaldato, aumentando la probabilità di un nuovo rally.

A mídia estatal chinesa continua surpreendendo com a previsão de ouro „brilhante“ da Bitcoin

Os observadores da Internet expressaram surpresa depois que a CCTV da mídia estatal chinesa fez algumas previsões ousadas sobre o futuro do bitcoin (BTC) a longo prazo – e apresentando uma previsão de que a febre do BTC pode aplicar uma pressão descendente sobre o ouro.

A CCTV é uma das principais emissoras estatais da China, com uma audiência diária de milhões de leitores e telespectadores. Desde a repressão à criptografia de setembro de 2017, BTC e altcoins têm estado estritamente fora da agenda para CCTV e similares – a maior parte deles aparecendo em reportagens sobre golpes e artigos que procuram apontar as diferenças entre a tecnologia da cadeia de bloqueio (que Pequim é campeã) e a criptografia (que ela vilipendiia).

Mas os internautas se animaram depois que um relatório da China Securities foi captado pela plataforma de notícias CCTV com a previsão ousada de que a BTC estava começando a „brilhar“ mais que o ouro.

Qiao Wang, do acelerador da DeFi Alliance, escreveu no Twitter,

„A mídia estatal chinesa está dizendo que o mercado de touro da BTC pode causar uma pressão descendente a longo prazo sobre o ouro. Isto é simplesmente incrível“.

Marc van der Chijs, empresário, capitalista de risco criptocentrado e co-fundador da empresa VC First Block Capital, opinou que a notícia, se verdadeira, era outro sinal de „um enorme mercado de touro“, acrescentando que era „muito ruim que os chineses só possam“ negociar BTC em plataformas de balcão (OTC), já que as trocas criptocópicas são proibidas no Reino do Meio.

No entanto, antes que os fãs do BTC comecem a descortinar o champanhe, talvez valha a pena lembrar que o relatório foi na verdade um relançamento de um artigo de autoria da China Securities, uma mídia financeira com consideravelmente mais independência do que o CCTV.

E o artigo em questão não era realmente sobre a BTC. Era sobre os preços do ouro, e a única referência ao BTC estava em um único parágrafo contendo pensamentos do diretor executivo do JPMorgan Chase, Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, sediado em Londres, sobre os fatores de longo prazo que poderiam influenciar os preços do ouro.

Mas o chefe da Sino Global Capital, sediada na China, Matthew Graham, levou para o Twitter para escrever que a notícia era, no entanto, significativa.

Este pode ser o caso – como no início deste mês, o People’s Daily, o maior jornal estatal da China, trouxe uma explicação detalhada sobre como o preço da BTC tinha aumentado, que fatores poderiam ter causado o aumento dos preços… e eventualmente concluindo que o investimento em bitcoin era, apesar de tudo, perigoso.

Embora o artigo do People’s Daily tenha sido, de fato, mais um repost, desta vez de um relatório do Economic Information Daily, também de 3 de dezembro, ainda é relativamente raro que a BTC receba tantos centímetros de coluna em um boletim de Pequim.

Na hora dos pixels (10:20 UTC), o BTC negocia a USD 19.193 e está quase inalterado em um dia e uma semana. O preço aumenta 21% em um mês e 168% em um ano.

Compound Finance announces its new multi-asset blockchain

Compound Finance is about to launch its own blockchain.

The aim is to integrate more assets from other registries.

The COMP has grown by 40% since the start of December

The DeFi lending and borrowing platform Compound Finance is launching its own distributed ledger to enable the transfer of value and liquidity.

Compound Finance pioneered liquidity farms, being one of the first to launch incentives for the distribution of governance tokens in June 2020. DeFi protocol now goes further with its latest product, the Compound Chain.

The new Bitcoin Revolution has been described as being able to store and inexpensively transfer value and liquidity between peer registers. In other words, it is cross-chain interoperability.

Today we are pleased to present to you the white paper on the Compound Chain, a distributed ledger capable of transferring value and liquidity between peer ledgers.

Another Ethereum rival?

One of the goals of the new ledger is to bring more assets to the Compound ecosystem, without necessarily competing with Ethereum :

Compound Chain ”is a tool that could bring more assets into the protocol from a variety of registers eg Polkadot, Solana, Optimism PBC, Quorum, Celo, etc. It is designed to complement Ethereum contracts, be controlled by the governance of the COMP, and extend the effects of the DeFi network.

At a virtual DeFi summit on Wednesday, December 16 in Bangkok, Thailand, CEO and founder Robert Leshner said it was a top priority:

Over time, more real world assets [will be added] as the Ethereum blockchain integrates them.

In the white paper , it is added that it will be a stand-alone blockchain preparing for the rapid adoption and growth of various tokenized assets from new ledgers including ETH 2.0 and central bank digital currencies ( CBDCs ).

CASH will be created through borrowing, similar to the creation of DAI on MakerDAO, and will be used to pay transaction fees. CASH lending, holding, and staking can also earn interest.

The announcement added that the team is actively working on setting up a testnet with a limited feature set, slated for release next quarter (Q1 2021).

The COMP course

Compound’s COMP token , which sparked the DeFi boom , climbed 13% on December 18 along with the entire crypto market. At the end of the day, it was trading for $ 157, posting a drop to its daily opening price of $ 178.

The COMP is up 7% this week. It has already increased by more than 40% in December, as it recovers from a two-month lull. The token is still down 36% from its peak of $ 245 in June.

Listen over milliardær Bitcoin Bulls vokser – Er Warren Buffett neste?

Etter hvert som listen over milliardær Bitcoin-okser fortsetter å vokse, analyserer kryptoanalytiker Alex Krüger oddsen for at den berømte verdiinvestoren og administrerende direktøren i Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett, snart kan bli med i pakken.

Denne uken kunngjorde hedgefondssjef og tidligere president i Duquesne Capital, Stanley Druckenmiller, at han er en Bitcoin-investor, og legger til det voksende settet av milliardærer som har satset på den største kryptovalutaen etter markedsverdi.

I kjølvannet av Druckenmillers kunngjøring, satte Jason Yanowitz fra Block Works Group sammen en moderne liste over ti utrolig velstående BTC-holdere og tvitret den ut til sine 27 000 tilhengere.

Listen over investorer og gründere har fem personer som er milliardærer på en god måte.

Gruppen har bemerkelsesverdige okser Jack Dorsey, administrerende direktør på Twitter, hvis betalingsplattform Square investerte 50 millioner dollar i kongemynten og MicroStrategys administrerende direktør Michael Saylor, som sammenlignet med å investere i kryptoaktiva nå med å investere tidlig i selskaper som Apple eller Facebook.

Økonom og Bitcoin Trader-tyr Alex Krüger stiller på sin egen Twitter-konto at etter at institusjonelle giganter som den legendariske hedgefondssjefen og leder for hans egen Tudor Investment Corporation, Paul Tudor Jones, og Druckenmiller kunngjør sin støtte til BTC, kan Warren Buffett endre melodi på bransjen.

“Warren Buffett er en verdiinvestor, han vil ha kontantstrømmer. Han vil til slutt komme rundt og investere i Bitcoin gruvearbeidere og infrastrukturbedrifter. “

Buffett har offentlig kritisert Bitcoin siden 2013, og i februar 2020 gjentok han påstanden om at han aldri ville eie Bitcoin eller annen kryptovaluta.

Buffett er imidlertid en forkjemper for verdiskapital, og kjøpte nylig mer enn 20 millioner aksjer i Barrick Gold til en verdi av rundt 563 millioner dollar.