Cardano Reaches 8M Native Tokens, 4M Unique Wallets – Will ADA Price Follow?

• Cardano has reported that its native tokens have crossed 8 million and the number of wallets has crossed 4 million in March.
• The number of transactions on the Cardano blockchain last month was 64 million with 1.44% increased wallet holders and 0.49% increase in delegated wallets.
• Plutus Scripts also surged by 1.67%, bringing the total to 5,234 scripts at the end of March.

Cardano Network Reaches New Milestone

According to its most recent Monthly On-chain statistics , Cardano (ADA) has hit a significant milestone as unique wallets on the network have crossed 4 million, while transactions carried out in March have hit 64 million. This brings the total number of Cardano tokens to a staggering 8.07 million—a 2.63% increase from February’s report—and marks an important step forward for ADA’s network growth and development as community members maintain optimism that on-chain performance can influence ADA’s price in April.

Native Tokens Surges

Cardano shared six metrics that highlighted Cardano’s progress throughout the month of March via Twitter, including an impressive surge in native tokens—which now total 8.07 million—as well as a 2.96% increase in transactions across the network, bringing it up to 64 million at month’s close. Wallet holders also saw an uptick with a 1.44% increase, totaling 4.02 million unique users; similarly, delegated wallets are up by 0.49%, now totaling 1.28 million across all accounts hosted by Cardano’s blockchain infrastructure .

Plutus Scripts Reach 5k

Plutus scripts are pieces of code used to validate network action , and according to data provided by Cardano there was a notable surge in their use last month: Plutus scripts are now sitting at 5,234 after increasing by 1 .67%. This is indicative of larger trends within Cardano’s expanding user base and greater adoption across multiple sectors within cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology more broadly .

Policies Increase

In addition to these milestones , policies related to use ofthenetwork also grew significantly : policies shut up by 1 .40%, bringing the total up to 71 ,160 policies currently governing interactions between users and nodes ontheCardanonetwork . As this figure continues toriseitwillbereflectiveofgreaterusageacrossthenetworkaswellasincreasedsecuritymeasuresandregulationsthatensureahighlevelofuserexperienceandprotectionfrommaliciousactors .

Optimism High Ahead Of ADA Price Surge?
As more users flocktoCardanothereisheightenedexpectationforapriceincreaseinAprilasthecommunityhopesthaton-chainperformancecaninfluenceADApriceinpositivewaysinthecomingmonths . With thenumberoftransactionsincreasingmonthlyanda growing userbase , expectations remainhighfora major price surgeaheadfortheasset—makingitanimportanttimeforinvestorstobeconsciousofmarkettrendsanddevelopmentssurroundingCardano’songoinggrowthandsuccess .