Bitcoin will be hit by a billion-dollar earthquake this week,“ according to Forbes author

A „billion dollar earthquake“ is expected to shake the price of Bitcoin in the coming days with the expiration of 1,000 cryptomoney option contracts. According to Forbes author Billy Bambrough, 70% of the open option contracts will be settled on Friday (26).

The expiration of these contracts should directly impact the price of Bitcoin in the market. In total, $930,000,000 in Bitcoin option contracts will expire in about four days.

In some cases, the option contracts induce a valuation of the krypton currency, which can be worth up to $11,000 in the market, depending on the krypton currency related trade in CME.

Options contracts can leverage kryptomoney

The price of Bitcoin may change with the expiration of the option contracts in the next few days. Nearly $1 billion of this type of contract will expire, which will affect the cryptomoney by such a negotiation.

The Bitcoin price is at a crucial point, while cryptomoney traders are split over the short-term future of BTC
In total, the contracts that are about to expire correspond to 70% of all Bitcoin option contracts currently on the market. According to Forbes, interest in this type of trading has doubled in recent months, recently reaching $1.3 billion.

„The open interest in The News Spy has increased to $1.3 billion, twice what it was a few months ago.

Ranked as one of the top companies trading options contracts with Bitcoin, Deribit’s business accounts for 77% of the entire market. However, other platforms are beginning to dominate this type of trading, which is considered a novelty among crypto-currencies, such as CME and Ledger.

With 930 million dollars in „papers“ due on June 26, the option contracts with Bitcoin correspond to more than 67,000 units of the crypto currency, according to writer Su Zhu’s publication on Twitter.

The agreements that are about to expire correspond to contracts signed on a quarterly basis. That is, the agreement that will expire next Friday (26) was signed at the end of March 2020, when the price of Bitcoin was quoted at about $6,600 in the market. According to a publication by the writer Su Zhu on Twitter, the „advance“ trade in cryptomoney could cause a wave of appreciation.