Be Your Own Boss: Join the Web3 Domain Alliance and Protect Your Digital Identity

• The Web3 Domain Alliance announced 52 new members, including, Rarible, Wyre, Bitdegree, WazirX and Klever.
• Unstoppable Domains has committed to not assert against other members their patents that are necessary to adopt the Alliance’s interoperability and security standards.
• The Alliance will focus on topics such as consumer protection, interoperability of blockchain naming systems and preventing naming collisions.

Web3 Domain Alliance Announces New Members

The Web3 Domain Alliance is a member-led coalition dedicated to improving the technological and public policy environments for users of Web3 naming services. On 22nd February 2023, the alliance announced 52 new members joining the group including, Rarible, Wyre and others.

Unstoppable Domains’ Commitment

Unstoppable Domains was recently awarded a patent around resolving blockchain domains and aims to support innovation across the Web3 industry through its IP investments. As part of this commitment, Unstoppable has irrevocably agreed not to assert against Alliance members its patents that are necessary to adopt the Alliance’s interoperability and security standards.

Topics Discussed in the Alliance

Members of the Web3 Domain Alliance will engage on topics including consumer protection, interoperability of blockchain naming systems, fair and open use of intellectual property in the industry and preventing name collisions. The team at Web3 social trading network Metascan deprecated their NFT top-level domain to avoid a name collision and joined the Web3 Domain Alliance in order to support these discussions.

Rapid Increase in Interest for Web3 Domains

Web3 domains have seen a rapid increase in interest with more than 3.4 million domains reportedly created across the industry in 2022 alone. This high level of adoption led to setting up this alliance so that collective ideas can be discussed on how they can provide better services while protecting user privacy at all times.


The goal behind setting up this alliance is to foster innovation among different projects while providing a safe environment where people can own their digital identities without worrying about any potential risks or threats associated with it!

Hashflow Token (HFT) Set for Huge Rally: Crypto Analysts Predict Massive Gains

• The crypto strategist Cantering Clark is quite bullish about the Ethereum-altcoin Hashflow Token (HFT) and has been building spot positions in the coin.
• HFT is currently breaking out from its accumulation zone and analysts predict a huge upside for the coin.
• Hashflow Token (HFT) is a microcap with a valuation of $128 million, and plans to launch Hashverse, a gamified, story verse-driven decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Hashflow Token on Breakout

Crypto strategist Cantering Clark shared his bullish views on Ethereum-altcoin Hashflow Token (HFT) with his 160,000 followers on Twitter. According to him, HFT is giving a breakout from its accumulation zone and can rally going ahead. He has also been building spot positions in the cryptocurrency.

Altcoins Gaining Momentum

The crypto market recovery of 2023 has witnessed altcoins delivering solid performance amidst giants like Ethereum (ETH) rallying by 40 percent. Other altcoins have posted gains even higher at 70-80 percent which makes analysts believe that one such Ethereum-altcoin Hashflow Token (HFT) will experience massive gains in the short time period.

Details about Hashflow Token

Hashflow Token (HFT) is a microcap in the crypto space with a valuation of just $128 million. It is trading 7.7 percent up at a price of $0.6898 at press time. In order to ensure interoperability and zero slippage, the Hashflow token is built on Ethereum Layer-1 competitor Fantom (FTM). Meanwhile, it plans to launch „Hashverse“, an innovative gameified DAO where users can stake tokens complete quests and earn non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Bullish Predictions

Crypto analyst Cantering Clark predicts that HFT looks likely to push much higher before what may likely be a long corrective reaccumulation period. This view has been backed by other analysts who are confident about this low cap altcoin’s potential for delivering massive gains over time due to its increasing demand in the market.


All in all, it looks like HFT will deliver impressive gains over time due to its technical chart showing signs of breakouts as well as having new applications coming up soon along with strong support from leading crypto analysts including Cantering Clark himself who believes that it could be highly rewarding for traders if they take their chances now when this currency’s price remains low yet showing promising signs of growth over time!

Binance Temporarily Halts USD Bank Transfers: No Need to Panic

Binance Suspends USD Bank Transfers

  • Binance exchange has temporarily suspended all USD bank transfers.
  • Only a small proportion of its users will be impacted by the suspension.
  • The move is a response to increased global regulation of the crypto market.

Visa Card Available for Global Users

Binance crypto exchange offers an operational Visa card that is available in a dozen of countries and takes roughly 45 days to be shipped depending on the destination. The company prides itself as being one of the largest exchanges by daily traded volume, and also one of the most regulated firms worldwide.

Increased Global Regulation

As global regulators are looking for ways to control the crypto market after recent events, Binance has decided to suspend USD transfers. This move indicates that there is increasing scrutiny on the cryptocurrency industry and that governments are putting measures in place to prevent similar incidents from occurring again.

Impact on Non-US Entities

The non-U.S entities of Binance will operate with specific local currencies where the exchange is regulated. This suspension only affects a small proportion of users, and Binance is working hard to restart services as soon as possible. All other methods of buying and selling crypto remain unaffected.

Advice for European & Asian Users

Binance has advised its EU, and Asian users not to panic as business goes on as usual despite this temporary suspension. The United States only controls about 25 percent of worldwide economic activities so it should not affect other regions significantly. EUR withdrawals have been normalized once again and all payment services are available online through their website

Cardano’s Djed: 1.85M Stablecoins Minted, 40K Burnt in Billion-Dollar Market

• Djed, a Cardano-based overcollateralized stablecoin, has seen immense success since its launch two days ago. The coin has minted 1.85 million tokens and burned 40,000 tokens in the billion dollar market.
• Djed and SHEN are now listed on major Cardano DEXs like Minswap, Wingriders, and MuesliSwap. Trading volume for both Djed/ADA and SHEN/ADA pairs is increasing on these platforms.
• Bitrue, CoinGecko, DefiLlama have already unrolled Djed and SHEN to millions of users on their sites to increase mainstream adoption of both assets


Cardano’s overcollateralized stablecoin Djed’s is making waves only two days after it’s launch with massive burn and nearly 2 million token mints in the billion dollar market.

Mints & Burns

Djed has achieved many milestones in a short period including massive burn and nearly 2 million token mints. A total of 40,000 Djed has also been burnt thus far. 21M SHEN (Djed’s Reserve Coin) have also been minted, and 73K SHEN was burnt while having an 800% reserve ratio at the time of the blogpost launch.

Platform Listings

Djed and SHEN are receiving wide coverage across many media publications since their launch as they are currently listed on major Cardano DEXs like Minswap, Wingriders, and MuesliSwap with trading volumes increasing daily. They have also received listings from centralized exchanges like Bitrue as well as analysis platforms such as CoinGecko and DeFi TVL aggregator DefiLlama which will help increase global accessibility to crypto users globallyd .

Massive Responses & Participation

COTI wrote in a medium blog post that they were very pleased with the massive responses and participation that they have seen so far just two days after launching Djed to the mainnet. 27 million Cardano (ADA) tokens have backed up Djeds creation through joint efforts of Cardano IOG ad COTI .


The successful launch of Djeds has proven to be successful with it’s quick achievement of milestones within such a short period of time attracting millions in backing ADA tokens along with listings from major exchanges & platforms globally which will no doubt help increase mainstream adoption for both assets!